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Thread: Why dont wii get more of the cooler games

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    Quote Originally Posted by at90s2313 View Post
    Not to nitpick but you first said it was an original Nintendo game. To me that means one of two things. That could either be understood as it was on the original Nintendo system (NES) or it written and released by Nintendo. Neither are true. Capcom wrote and released the code to Nintendo. SSF2 was first released to home market on the SNES. But shortly afterwards they ported it to several other platforms....

    I have a SSF2 Turbo CE arcade machine in my living room...
    I know Nintendo didnt make the game just like MS didnt make the Xbox games just the systems and Sega didnt make the games just the systems (well untill later) when I say it was a Nintendo original I ment that they were the first to introduce it to the homes. Prior to SNES SF was only in arcades. Now SF wont be on nINTENDO

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMS View Post
    This year WWE Wrestling Legends and Streetfighter comes out and neither are for Wii. Streetfighter puzzles me since it was an original Nintendo game and now not offered on Wii.

    I wish all systems had the same games and the same features. I am sick of PS3 and Xbox360 getting all the games and then even they are different in features offered on the games.
    Yeah, I know what you mean
    All of the games by big corporations like microsoft and EA are sticking to the ps3 and xbox360

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    It would be cool to see a new SF4 on the Wii. But alteast it is coming out for the PC. That will be the port I buy. Wait less than 6 months after it comes out and buy it for $20 or less.

    Hopefully there will be enough GOOD new games coming for the Wii to make us forget about the ones we didn't get....

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    i own a ps3 and a wii i love my wii. I dont mind the game selections but it should have Street fighter! the 1 thing companies could do is the games they have like nba live 09 they should make it better as it suks balls but i still play it if they take the time it would be sick or they should just make it where u have to use a classic controller or something if they cant be smart:P thats my 2 cents

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