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I think its cool people got things to say on this subject, but please stop -,_-,

i mean you have people saying, those people are wrong, but still not searching for their answers ThetaSigma

like the Reading Room, thing i outlined in news update, with why we do it, what it means and all that =

what it comes down to though is, i come here, and look at my PM's *somehow i still get a lot of questions, though i refuse to help them out!* and a lot of MSN convos, from people whom think that i need to help them *i sure as **** dont* a few of the members, and random lurkers come here, but what it comes down to is.... I'm not needed, reguardless *not saying i wanted to be needed/wanted, just a thing you notice*

I quit, no one but 5 people noticed, and 3 posted simple coments.... =
I had to inform modderman personally, he was indifferent
I told Rossy, i had no intrest, in reclamming my job
same for As =P
I made this topic shortly after, due to MSN/AIM issues -.-
very few cared....
Rockman posts and now its a important topic *i guess that makes rockman important XD*

when you see this, and simply...
every question gets answered *6/10 are incorrect/not complete, is unimportant XD*
No one mentions me or even references =P
the newer people, generally dont care about what i did or anything

and above all, this is the true Color of the forum/people/community if you want to know it =

I wrote 18 guides, and just about every news forum, telling people whats new, or things i think people need to be reminded of, so people knew that they mattered =, i made 2 Contests *MK, and Holiday*, and came up with all the prizes, and all of that jazz... i personally helped 1,000's of people, and made 5,453 posts where atleast 5,350 are support/help in some way! and i gained a few thanks.... in the time i have left, i have gained 7 thank yous

Emperor of Canada, wrote 1 guide that he summed up a better guide on GBA temp, and removed most of what it said *it was about all kinds of other things too =P* this person basicly left shortly after joining, and made at most 100 posts of support, that are made VERY randomly from november onward

and in at MOST 1 month, he will have more thank yous than me...

Need i say more?
I reckon, if anyone could be admin besides modderman, it should definitely be you.

hahaha ive got all the short posts. probably cos i cant be bothered typing that much.