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Thread: Do your Homework

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    Right end of post .

    end of the day no one is born with knowledge if you dont ask you dont learn

    most people will have googled and are dumbfounded by all the tech speak

    if you are not willing to help and take a deep breath when asked noobish type quesions then maybe a moderator posistion isn't for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by januaryx5th View Post
    yea well unfortunatly not everyone is a class A computer wizard like you complainers might be, some people have a wii, get online because they sparked an idea about a modchip and ended up here, its something about customer service, if someone has a question and you answer it, then the next customer has the same question, you cant tell them to go ask the previous customer or find someone else who hasn't answered it yet. Just be polite, make their experience just as you would like it to be if you had no past experience in a topic. But thank you for telling everyone that you are god, and you want to relax now that your at the top of your knowledge, while others have to slave at your feet to get where you are.
    After a long time away, I have come back to the Wii scene again. I know this is a response to a post that happened way long ago, but I wanted to clear somethings up. First of all, I do not think I am God, nor do I claim to be. Also, as far as customer service is concerned in a store, I am not asking people to ask someone else about a question. I am asking them to read forums. I got to where I am by reading. if I could not find the answer, THEN I would ask. The trend all too often (and I think you can agree) is people want answers and are not willing to search for them. "I will just ask someone who knows" seems to be the mentality, when a quick browse through forums will provide the same results, maybe even better depending on how useful responses to the original post are. As a note, this was written during a time when there were literally 5+ posts a day asking what is the best mod chip and how to install it. Seriously, as I said before, google is your friend. I am willing to answer questions... but laziness is just annoying.
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    I totally agree, being someone who runs quite a few forum sites, I see this all the time. Search is your best friend to all people who have just joined us.

    I guess it is also up to us to keep making the site easier for people to use and making search / tutorials more accessible to people who are new and are overwhelmed by the information.

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