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Thread: Can I use a 1t external hard drive to store games on?

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    Please help lol

    Can I use a 1t external hard drive to store games on?


    I recently softmodded and downloaded the Homebrew channel on my Wii. I havent tried any games yet, but I am downloading a few atm in wbfs format. I found a guide, and it told me to create a folder in the root of my SD card and call it wbfs, and then put the games inside. Then use CGF USB loader to open... Anyway, I dont have enough space on my homebrew SD card, and I am planning to download kind of many games. I found a 1t USB external hard drive that I am not using, and my question is if I can format it, make a folder called wbfs, and put my games inside there instead, or if there will be a sort of error either because the wii doesn't recognize usb drives that big, or idk..

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    Im using a WD Essentials 1Tb as my game storage. Its the one with an external power adapter.

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    You should register with our site if you're keen on getting assistance. I'm also hoping "download" is meant as ripping from your original/retail media, and not a "T0rr3ntz R K00l" thing (read the site rules).

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