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Thread: Jailbreak ipod 4g

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    it was a process even knowing what i do i can give you an exact list of what i used and it worked perfectly not saying its text book i mashed up a little of this and that lol

    plug in ipod powered on
    sn0wbreeze (latest version) you need the 6.0.1 ispw file saved- u can get it from the iphonewiki-run sn0breeze and build a custom ispw in simple will build it an save to desktop
    run redsn0w_win_0.9.15b3- go to extras-choose pnwed dfu-follow instructions-close redsn0w when finished
    open itunes-it will say recovery ipod detected-click ok-hold shift and click restore at the same time
    choose the sn0wbreeze custom ispw found on your desktop-click ok
    should run through the motions and restore-if u get an error first check to make sure ur custom ispw is really 6.0.1(i got 6.0 by mistake...hours later) if not unplug ipod from computer and start again-didnt happen to me though
    When it reboots it will appear to work but its not booted tethered yet-so run the file on your desktop called iBooty-select device-follow the promts-only takes a few seconds and your good
    That is the most important program sn0wbreeze will give you because that will be needed everytime you need to reboot your device or it dies when your out
    So good luck hope it helps any questions let me know ill try my best!

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    How do u know if its powered on?

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