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Thread: Hello to nice people

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    Unable to download SW - handling spoilers problem

    Thank you for this very informative post.

    I spent a lot of time with this guide. And i am unable to download the software for this wii mod.

    I tried this on all my PC's (4) and on a couple of my friends pC's - same result.
    It must be something that i do not see or don't understand here.

    The download links point to some strange sites-usually some advertisements, surveys or some search results.
    Also these links differ from normal (blue) links - they are highlighted green.

    See picture attached:

    This download (the picture above) link here points to:


    I think my problem is that I do not know much about spoilers and how to handle them.

    Can you or anybody show me what is it that i am doing wrong?

    Or maybe you can send me a direct link for this download.

    Thanks again

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    This section of the forum is mainly just for saying hello. I see your question has been answered in the guide you are following. Please post your questions in the guide's thread that you are asking about. Thanks!

    And again, welcome to the site.

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