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Thread: New to wii - can we get rid of the discs??

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    New to wii - can we get rid of the discs??


    We have purchased a wii for Xmas, and rotate a few games (Wii Fit, sports, raving rabbids, mario) Runs on 4.3. First gaming console in years. I had forgotten about copy protection schemes... After years of using a media center for music and videos, the need to insert a physical token to get to the content feels extremely annoying.

    There must be a way to store disc-based games on an SD card such that we can switch games from the main menu without a lengthy routine.

    Based on a couple of hours of browsing, it looks as if installing the homebrew channel would be the answer, but I am not positive that it would work from an SD card holding several disc-based games.

    What would you suggest?

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    Hi welcome to

    If you want to learn anything about Wii modding you have joined the best site.

    It is recommended that you read the forum rules before posting and be sure to post in the correct sections. If you are having trouble finding the post you want, follow the Ultimate Searching Guide by emuhack. You can also look in the Recommended Tutorials and Guides section.

    Another helpful resource is the Ultimate Wiihacks Index by Shadowsonic2.

    We have a new section for the hottest topics- Hot Topics

    Do not update to 4.3!! As it will be more difficult to softmod the Wii.

    Guides for softmodding your Wii:

    If you are on system menu 3.1-4.1 see the 3.1-4.1 softmod for any wii by Dogeggs.
    If you are on 4.2 see the 4.2 full hacking guide by messie.
    If you updated to the latest system menu (4.3) follow the 4.3 softmod guide by mauifrog.
    this guide should also work for red wiis

    If you'd prefer loading Wii Backups from a USB HDD then follow this guide or this guide.


    There is also a Wii Modchips Section. Modchips will allow you to launch your game backups through the Disc Channel.


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    Enjoy your stay!!

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    a soft mod and a usd loader/forwarder. I have a soft mod guide By mauifrog link in my signature take a look at it.

    Im to slow...
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