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Thread: new to wiihacks, old softmod

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    new to wiihacks, old softmod


    Don't like to bug intelligent people for simple answers for the inexperienced but here I go...

    Got a Wii a year ago and followed the guides around at the time (don't remember exactly which) to install homebrew and get going. Worked fine for a long time and guess it is still working - but -

    Installed CoverFloader and really really like it. Then tried installing the forwarder channel wad and it returns an Error 1022 when trying to install it. Never had any problem like that before and really want a nice channel for the kids so they don't have to go into Homebrew to load up the loader.

    Was using usb loader gx, but for some reason it likes to crash a few seconds after loading. Seems to be when there are lots of titles. Got Neogamma working and also installed the forwarder no problem, but as you can guess I want something that looks pretty.

    Anyway, my system is 4.1E and have put a syscheck below. Not that i understand the contents of it but thought maybe that would help.

    From looking around there are so many recommendations for the 1022 error but I only seem to have it with this 1 wad. Well actually I tried 3 wads from coverfloader project.

    Also there is this option to upgrade to 4.3 and endless tasks involved. Would I need this to support the microphone? Because I'm thinking of buying microphones for this years xmas.

    Any help massively appreciated. Cheers in advance.


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    Hello Jay

    Your Softmod looks a little out of date especially when your 249 cios is at rev 10! We are at rev 20 now. Why dont you check out Mauifrogs Mod Any Wii guide and this will bring you up to date. About the wad install issue - It could possibly be a corrupt wad if it isnt happening with others.


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    Updating to System Menu 4.3 is an instant Fail!

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    Guides to get you Soft modded
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    ShadowSonics' 4.2 System Menu SoftMod Guide
    Dogeggs' 3.1-4.1 System Menus SoftMod Guide

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    appreciated. will look at the guide and see how i get on.

    regarding the wads i tried 3 different forwarders from here: Downloads - wiicoverflow - Project Hosting on Google Code

    don't know if anyone else has had any difficulty. but maybe it's just my old soft mod.


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