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Thread: hello i'm new!

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    hello i'm new!

    bit of a hax virgin have come to learn skills and share them oneday hopefully, well one step at a time.

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    Hi presstheflesh - Welcome to wiihacks! There's tons of cool stuff you can do with a wii and you have come to the right place to learn about it! Have a look through the guides to start the ball rolling. Please read the rules before posting, search any questions you may have before asking them and try and post in the correct section and you won't go far wrong...if you want priority support, the chance to win an NTorrents invite and a large cash prize then why not enter the Mario Kart comp? Hope you enjoy your stay here and thanks for introducing yourself

    There have been a lot of people posting in the wrong sections recently and the mods have had enough and are handing out bans, so please try and post in the right section! If you really aren't sure where to post then post in the General Wii Talk forum or for questions the General Homebrew/Hack issues section.


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