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Thread: Newbie from UK

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    Talking Newbie from UK

    Hi every1, Just a quick introdution Im a massive Gaming fan, From the early days of my spetrum.To now I have a Psp to play onmy way to work, & my xbox360 I play onlne wiv my Buddies. to the Wii which me and my Lad Have some gr8 times on & its the first computer my mrs has got in2 so my wii has a special place in House.. Hope to get lots of Advise from this sites Yoda

    Cheers Chris

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    Hi chrispsp - welcome wiihacks m8! The spectrum eh? I used to love manic miner on that...and that defender/scramble type game...can't remember its name? Anyway, you've come to the right place to learn how to get the most out of your wii, have a look through the guides to get started and please read the rules before posting, search any questions you may have before asking them and try and post in the correct section and you won't go far wrong...if you want priority support, the chance to win an NTorrents invite and a large cash prize then why not enter the Mario Kart comp? Hope you enjoy your stay here and we'll see you around


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