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Thread: Wii newbie needs help

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    Wii newbie needs help

    Hi folks, I recently won a chipset modded Wii (Japanese set modded to support US games). I purchased an original copy of the "Need for speed: Undercover" but there was a warning about the disc detecting the mod chip and that if I proceed with the upgrade (inorder to play the game), I risk bricking the Wii.

    I have been doing a bit of research on the internet and understand that I can install some IOS files (ISO 53 & 55) in order to play that game but need homebrew channel and wad manager. My difficulty is:

    1) Can I install the IOS without using homebrew and WAD manager? If not,
    2) Can I install homebrew without buying an original copy of "Zelda"?
    3) What version of WAD do I need?
    4) Lastly and most importantly, is there any easier way to play the game on my existing Wii?

    All these stuff is very new to me and I am still trying to pick them all up. Many thanks in advance. :-)


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    theres always a warning that it may detect a chip, need for speed needs update to run i had the same problem you cant take the update out so you must make sure that the update matchs your region if your wii is set for us you must have us iso or game or you will brick it. if you update you will have probs with home brew.

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    u never update the chip-modded Jpn_wii with usa/pal game discs. it'll brick yours.
    1. need homebrew, wad manager and/or cIOS Installer.
    2. with mod-chip in already, use Zelda iso copy is ok.
    3. download the cIOS wad files for install, or
    4. u may like to play the game Hitman_Reborn_Delta_Jpn; it has ur needed IOS 38/53/55. after Need4Speed, u get Bleach well. lol


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