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Thread: Hi Everybody!

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    Hi Everybody!

    Hi Everybody!, I am fairly new to the Wii modding scene but i have learnt quite a bit in the short time that i have had my Wii & have done quite a bit in that time, i would like to share ideas and to get new ideas on how to improve my hacked Wii , if there is anyone out there who would like to contact me to share some ideas and tips, please, by all means go for it .

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    Welcome To

    You will find useful links below, so "Please" read, read, read.

    Let's first start with the, "Forum Rules".
    Follow them , to the best of your capabilities.

    Follow the "Soft Mod Any Wii Guide", To softmod your system.(Wii)
    Please read it atleast "3" times.

    This is Bluphant's
    Basic Introduction To Wii Hacking.

    Please Read!!
    "Recommended FAQ'S"


    Fat 32 formatting

    Trouble with games?? Have a look below.
    Bmarlo's Ultimate List Of troublesome Games & Solutions.

    Blackscreens & Freezes.Please refer to the link below.
    Playerkp420 Blackscreens & Freezes-Causes And Solutions.

    Music Games Giving You Trouble, Look Below For Link..
    Peire's The Ultimate Guide To Music And Dance Games.

    Modchip User's Look Below for Link...
    For Modchip User's Please Look Here.
    Wii Modchips

    Thank You For Joining,

    Donation's Are always Appreciated and it helps to keep up and running.


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