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    Hi there, I'm trying to play DVD's through my Wii, I can't believe that feature wasn't included. I have homebrew with mplayer installed but I'm having trouble running libdi. I've been following the directions at this site: External Link Removed but I get an error when I run libdi. I think I might need to downgrade the firmware... does anyone have any ideas?
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    Welcome to Wii Hacks. Please not in our rules we do not allow linking external guides.

    As for playing DVDs in your Wii, you can only do so if you have an older system (manufactured 2008 or earlier). After that they changed the hardware to prevent the system from reading burned disks and other non-game disks.

    Even if you have a compatible system, I don't recommend that you use your Wii for DVDs. The laser and other parts of the disk are not designed for long-term use. All you will do is wear out the hardware sooner than normal. You can get a cheap DVD player at Wal-Mart that will work better than running a $250 piece of hardware into the ground.

    Others on staff may have different opinions, these are my thoughts.

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