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Thread: postLoader 2.0 Beta20

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    postLoader 2.0 Beta20

    postLoader is intended to be an extension to priiloader autoboot feature. It aims to replace Forwarders, HB Channel and the Wii System Channel with emulated NAND support.

    * If started from priiloader it gains AHPBROT and spawn full hardware rights to homebrew applications
    * Autoboot your default application/channel: If you don't press (A) in time to enter in interactive mode, postLoader will launch the predefined app (if enabled)
    * Wii System Channel replacemente: Can browse and run Channels, WiiWare and VC.
    * HB Channel replacement: It can be used to browse homebrew application, with it own interface.
    * Can run Titles from real and emulated NAND on SD or USB (folder support in future)
    * Titles can be voted and/or hiddened
    * Homebrews can be hidden
    * Sort titles by vote/name
    * Titles filters (System channels/wiiware/neogeo/c64... etc)
    * Fast titles search
    * Download title icons from wiitdb
    * Support interactive application sorting
    * Full support for meta.xml arguments and all other tags.
    * It support subfolders for homebrew (see notes)
    * Can browse SD and USB device (FAT32 on first/active partition)
    * Support costom splash screen (only from SD device)
    * Direct access to BOOTMII
    * Full support for UNEEK environment. May work under SNEEK
    * Support for Wiimote and GC controllers

    postLoader 2.0 Beta20
    Source- gbatemp


    postLoader2 b20

    * Corrected dollz code. A stupid error caused also args to no more passed to hb
    * Corrected internal build number

    For installation instructions and more go here

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