NMM v0.1a by crediar

NMM is a tool which patches all GameCube Memory Card code to access the
front SD card instead.

This obviously only works on a Wii in GC mode.

1.Download MIOS v10 from NUS

2.Use the FixELF tool to create the final NMM file
FixELF mios.app NMM.elf 00000008.app

3.Copy the created file to your virtual NAND to the following location:


4. Then just put a GC game into the Wii and load NMM(MIOS) by any means.
a. SNEEK: Just insert a GC game and start it from the system menu
b. xNEEK+DI: Install any GC game to your device using the DiscEX tool
also insert the game you want to play (This is just a workaround!)

Real NAND is currently not directly supported, one could build a .wad
using the created .app file and install that to the NAND.

General Info

You should remove all GC memory cards before using this for the case not
all patches could be applied!

NMM outputs some log info via USBGecko and also some parts to a log file

Currently the search code is a bit slow but the next version will cache
the offsets allowing a faster boot, so for now just be patient.


Q: Does this only work with original games?

A: NMM only works with original discs, or anything the drive accepts
If you have a drivechip installed a copy would work aswell.

Q: What about a version that uses USB?

A: That's sadly not possible due a hardware limitation.
Same reason why DIOS-MIOS was discontinued!

Q: Will I be able to manage the virtual GC Memory Card in the Wii menu?

A: No.

Q: Where is the source?

A: There won't be any source code, sven gave me a license free version
of his SD/SDHC code.

Game Compatibility

Here a short list of games I've tested personally so you can verify that
your setup is working.

I'm sure people will set up a real list somewhere online.

Zelda:Four Swords
Mario Kart Double Dash
Super Mario Sunshine

Not Working:
Super Smash Bro. Melee
Xtreme G 3
Eternal Darkness
F-Zero GX (does work until after the name select)


SD/SDHC code by sven
FATLib by ChaN

NMM v0.1a