ok i been on it off and on all day thought i got ahead but now i'm getting error 1022.not sure what happening but soon i might get it right.

this is the one i use to do my wii but things look different now,look at it and see what i can do.thanks

1. This is for wii using 4.2U, you can update to it if needed.

2. Copy all of the files from Softmod 4.2 fixed Again folder over to your SD card.After files copied,
put the SD card in your Wii.

3. Click the SD card tab on the main menu screen.

4. A message will then pop up, click yes.

5. The "Hackmii Installer 0.5" will launch, and from there, you can install the HBC.

Next step

1. Rerun the hackmii installer and install Bootmii as an IOS

2. Put the SD card in your PC.

3. Navigate to the cboot2>try this 2nd folder.

4. Drop the Bootmii folder, boot.dol, and startup.elf from the "try this 2nd folder" onto your SD card root.DO Not use the try this 1st, use the try this 2nd.

5. Put the SD Card in your wii.

6. Start the Homebrew Channel and press home, then select Launch Bootmii.
The screen should trip out briefly then WAD Manager should start. press A

7. Choose the SD Slot and press A on each IOS, then press left or right to uninstall the 4 IOS available: 222, 223, 249, 250.

8. Exit the application.

9. Put the SD Card in your PC.

10. Go to your cboot2 folder and put the boot.dol there onto your SD card root to overwrite the one already there.

11. Start the Homebrew Channel and press home, then select Launch Bootmii.
This time it should start the cIOS installer.

12. Press left until you see do not reload IOS and choose WAD install.


1.Enter the homebrew channel

2.Select Cios38rev15

3.It will ask you which IOS to use, select 249 Then Hit A

4.Select Network install Then hit A

5.Wait for it to download and install

6.Press any button to restart

7.Now your at Homebrew again, choose CIOS 222 installer v4

8.Select IOS 249 and hit A

9.Then select Custom IOS 223 and Hit A

10.Use IOS 38 merged with IOS 37 and hit A. When install completed, restart the Wii.

Go to Homebrew Channel, click Start, click on Wad Manager,click Load, press A, Select IOS249 click A, Select Wii SD Slot, Click A,
scroll down to USB Loader GX Forwarder Channel.wad then click A. Exit out all and go back to Wii Menu.

To Play a copied game from disk, Insert the disk and Click on Usb loader gx, then Start button, hold down the 2 button on wii remote.
If you have external hard drive attached, then a list of games will appear after you start the usb loader channel,(thats if you have loaded games onto it).

To copy an original game to external hard drive, have hard drive attatched to wii, start the usb loader gx program, once started insert the game into Wii,
button appears to install game, that will install it to your hard drive.