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Thread: wireless media streaming through homebrew?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdlesk View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can already do this with MPlayer CE. You just have to setup the SMB config appropriately.
    You can do this through Media player CE. I have version .75, but it freezes sometimes. Anyone know a version that doesn't freeze?

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    I installed v7.5 the other day but after editing the config the menus would freeze. After a google I realised I would have to wait for the newer version to fix the problem. I have now installed v7.2 and it works ok-ish. It was freezing a bit while playing but updating the correct Usb2 fixed that... nearly.

    I streamed district 9 last night and it froze about 2/3 away through. Soon got it back to the part where it had hung though.

    Bring on the next version I say.

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