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Thread: Galaxy 2 came with an update...

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    Galaxy 2 came with an update...

    Yeah so I got Super Mario Galaxy 2 today, and it required a system update. I thought it was just going to install an ios or something that the game would use, but no, it stubbed ALL of my cIOS's and I have no idea where to begin reinstalling them as many of my apps ceased function which has never happened after an update.

    I tried doing some rather risky maneuvers and decided that bootmii would be necessary just in case of a brick, but yeah I am now greeted with the "no vulnerable ios" error everytime i try using hackmii. So I am trapped in a corner here. I could try risking things with ios installers, but with all of these stubs in place, and I cant get back to bootmii, I do not want to try anything without some assistance first. This did not happen in the initial system update to 4.2U by the way, only when Galaxy required an update.

    So if I could get some assistance, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Go have a look in the tutorials section, there are 2 guides on how to hack your Wii at 4.2 firmware.

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    Congratulations on your failure to search. Wiihacks has a recommended guide for this title and it was documented it contained 4.2 (which does exactly as you describe if you didn't have the protection of Priiloader). Your continued excelling at search failure relates to the fact the "no vulnerable IOS" is such a well-known problem and solution that it aimply illustrates you've not searched.

    Your prize is following a more complicated softmod for 4.2 (even if you were already @ 4.2, guess what: you get to do it all over again). And as a free bonus, you need to uninstall (or at least it's recommended to uninstall) cIOSCrap. Look here on how to do that. Oh, before I forget --- here is the SMG2 guide.

    Below you'll find the softmod guides:

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    Just to Start off there are a few Rules that have to be followed here as a Member of this community:

    To search is power, and to choose to not search can Lead to Fail
    Click here for a Wiihacks Searching Tutorial


    Here are the Basics that you will need on your Beginning Journey here @

    Wiihacks Master Index (Everything you need to know here)
    Hacking Guide System Menu 4.1-Below (Dogeggs)
    Hacking Guide System Menu 4.2 (Shadowsonic2)
    Wiihacks Error Index (All the Answers lie Here)

    Please abide by the rules and make everyone here feel at home with how you post and conduct yourself, We all are here to help. Please enjoy and WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE WII HACKS COMMUNITY


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