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Just an update, here:

I don't know about earlier firmwares, but in 4.2 at least it is possible to transfer the VC/WiiWare and custom channels to the SD card and play them directly off the SD card. That means, you don't need GeckoOS to play them. Just click the SD icon at the Wii Menu, select the copied game, and select Start. This is after following the Full Hacking Guide for 4.2 System Menus. For all the n00bs out there - not even sure why'd they be reading this, but - you canNOT do this on a virgin Wii. This works for EVERY Virtual Console WAD and WiiWare WAD and ???? WAD you have - including N64 games!

Now, for some reason I can't access the SD card to delete/move back some of these channels, not that I need to, but the Wii just freezes and I have to do a hard restart (holding the power button, not sure what unplugging the power is called). I have a feeling, however, it's just because I still have boot.dol on the card.
I have found that the System Menu and Many Wii Games don't like my SD Card with homebrew on it. For instance I go to save a ScreenShot in Brawl but it shows an error for the SD Card. So I recommend having a Seperate SD Card for Storing WW/VC/WADs that way you can avoid problems and leave more space on your Homebrew Card for, well... Homebrew. I personally have a 4Gig card for Homebrew and a 2Gig card for my WW/VC/WADs.

Also as Far as I can tell, you still do need GeckoOS if you want to Play WADs off of your SD card,
OR you have to Patch your Wii using StartPatch or by Installing Priiloader.

Both these methods Modify the NAND so be Careful. If you don't want to Modify the NAND use the GeckoOS method!

Get the correct version for your SystemMenu Version, then Install the Following Patches to Run WADs from SD
  • Remove NoCopy Protection (Need To Install ALL Five) - Removes the Save File Copy Protection, which prevents Save Files from being copied to SD Cards.

I know it says Save Files but it works.


Once you have Priiloader installed You have to Setup a Hacks.ini file to get System Menu Hacks with it.
  • Hacks.ini should be on the sd root(only once, they get copied to NAND) and can be found here.

Once you have the Hacks.ini set-up, Enable the Following Hack
  • Remove NoCopy Protection Allows you to copy any save file, whereas some were protected by default

That's it! Enjoy!