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Thread: updating to homebrew 1.06

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    updating to homebrew 1.06


    I used to have the Homebrew Channel downloaded a long time ago (maybe in the summer), with its only purpose to play Brawl+. If it helps for identification purposes (of the version), the Homebrew Channel I used had something called Gecko, and a Homebrew Browser.

    Anyways, I bought a new SD card yesterday at 4GB. I heard it was possible to download games onto the Wii using storage devices, so I immediately deleted every trace of the Homebrew that I had, and then used this guide to install Homebrew Channel thorugh my new SD card:

    I have Wii version 4.1. Everything is perfect; I completed all steps (except 4) and got everything working. The only thing I was curious about was if I should update to the 1.06 version of the Homebrew Channel. The reason I am asking is because the guide stated not to update. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this though.

    Thanks for reading.

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    dont think it really mateers updating the homebrew channel i think it refers to updating system version to 4.2 i believe if you update it makes all traces of homebrew away with it.


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