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Thread: What IOS to choose

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    What IOS to choose

    Hi All, I am new to Homebrew on the Wii, I have read lots and have made a fairly cautious start. I have managed to install the HBC, and a few applications. The homebrew Browser works well. I added Wad Manager 1.4, this displays OK from the HBC but I have a concern, due to me not being clear about IOS.
    Early on in WAD Manager it asks what IOS I would like to run, Options are,
    IOS4 upto 254 not all inclusive. How do I know which one to choose.

    I am running version 4.0E, IOS 61 v19.26. I created my HBC with Bannerbomb and Hackmii.

    My next thing to do before I get too involved is backup my system, I think its a nand backup I need. Is this useful to get back to a working system if required.

    Hope my questions are not too dumb, really have read lots but there so many ways to skin a cat, it can get confusing.

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    use ios249 if you have it and doing a nand backup with bootmii is a very good idea


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