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Thread: Can backed up games on usb drive be channels

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    Oh, I have these channels on my Wii. I have one for Mario Kart Wii (even though I don't have it yet), Call of Duty: WAW and Smash Bros. It plays the games little animation as if it were loding through disc channel, then when you hit start, it loads the title ID of the game through USB Loader. The ones I have were premade, and someone else tried to make some too, but theirs just loaded whatever game was in the disc drive, not USB. I guess they failed to understand the concept. Any way, I'll put a link if I can find it again, I know it was on GBATemp, but yea, it's REALLY worth it, plus it's cool to see all your favorite games as channels and they actually work! lol.

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    yeah thats wat i was talking about. tell these noobs how to do it.

    well, it should be easy.

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