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Thread: Help with semi-bricked Wii

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    Help with semi-bricked Wii

    The past few months hacking my wii has become my little project. I had the homebrew channel installed and usb loader gx and everything was running great until i decided to mess with IOS's in order to get the DVD player working. I also have a custom theme. Somehow i accidently deleted the usb loader and homebrew channel. Then not thinking i decided to just wipe and format the harddrive in an attempt to repair some of my handy work. Now the wii works fine except it is stuck with a not-so-amazing theme on the system menu and i also cannot get the homebrew channel to reinstall. I am using the most current versions of each application. Once i get to the warning screen about not paying for a scam, it says press 1 and then freezes. either the remote loses connection or it actually freezes.

    I do have nand.bin bootmii back ups on my computer but i can no longer access bootmii.

    Is there any possible way to install bootmii without using the homebrew channel? I am stuck with no way to access the homebrew channel. Help!!!!

    I have system menu 4.3u, using letterbomb exploit, hackmii installer 1.2. I am not entering the wrong MAC address or do i have my SD card formatted improperly.

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    - Go to the Softmod ANY Wii Guide (link below in my sig)
    - Back up then format your SD card as instructed.
    - Create your letterbomb exploit and copy to your SD card.
    - move the boot.elf file out to a safe place on your computer
    - download the modpack and IOSUpdate pack from Chapter 2 and extract directly to your SD card
    - Copy the bool.dol file from the sd/apps/wiimod folder to the root of your SD card
    - Insert SD card into your Wii and run the letterbomb exploit, Wiimod should load
    - Follow the instructions in the guide to install the IOS Update Pack - all wads should install without error
    - Exit Wiimod
    - Take SD back to your PC - delete sd/boot.dol
    - copy the boot.elf you removed earlier back to sd/
    - take SD back to Wii and run letterbomb again, hackmii installer should load
    - install HBC
    - follow the rest of the Softmod ANY Wii Guide in its entirety and IN ORDER from Chapter 2 on (yes, you can skip the IOS Update)
    - be thankful you didn't perma-brick your Wii and don't go messing with stuff anymore until you know exactly what you are doing...messing with IOS under 200 is bad news...


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