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These are the games I ripped from original retail discs and the results I get.

Gran Turismo
Looney Tunes Racing
Urban Chaos
Resident Evil 2
Poy Poy

Resident Evil 2 doesn't even boot, and Looney Tunes Racing boots but the screen is to dark to see what's going on. The other games play fine. But on most of the games, the intro video seems off color and the sound is distorted, but game play is fine.

these are the settings I used
Controller - (A) Standard Controller
Core Type - (X) Dynarec
Thx! i joined wiihacks just to say that! ive been trying to start up resident evil 2 (ripped it myself, took all morning to find some software, then i realized some was already in my computer) and i didn't have any other games to compare it to. because of that i had no way to tell if it was the .iso or the emulator. thanks to that post, i can now rest.