Wii points group

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  1. mastersixx
    Hi....just opened it today

    HACKOLA in the midst
  2. wiiman12
    wasup man just got the wii got need for speed carbon 53% done lol and i love it man we coud exchange wii code and every thing
  3. mariokartwii2008
    Hey Ppl Im New
  4. rongmario
    Can I Have 1000 WII Points PLZ!
  5. freestile
    I want 1000 wii points too. I had 500 in there from a while back and just bought that superstar mix game or something.
    Little beat making like thing. I already have a real studio with a bunch of keyboards, mpc 1000 and all kinds of other stuff
    but that just seemed cool for the wii.
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