Wii points group

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  1. marc
    so what know
  2. Mikal
    well try to advertise the person with the most people advertised get 2000 wii points
    Ends on Friday
  3. marc
    thanks for the 1000
  4. marc
    want me to make more people join
  5. durwinharris
    do these point work on the wii?
  6. durwinharris
    I just jion this group
  7. jimmyvo
    hi im jimmyvo so wha are we suppos to do here
  8. Mikal
    Everyone who join gets 1000 wii points
  9. Mikal
    Points (WP means Wii Points)
    zsaberfan 1000 WP
    VicsWii 1000 WP
    marcquelfran 1000 WP
    jimmyvo 1000 WP
    sexman527@ 1000 WP
    durwinharris 1000 WP
  10. Mikal
    The advertise has come to an
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