how to downgrade 4.3e to 3.2e

  1. 1daniel06
    can anyone me PLEASE i have a Wii has been Softmod as ver3.2e. yesterday i try to connect the Wii to the Internet, as soon i conneted. it ask me to Update. so here i come and saying YES, After the Update Complete my Wii my Wii restart. after that my Wii become Ver 4.3e. MY boot Loader has been deletde now am stuck on Ver4.3e. Wich i can not Play Back Up Game Can any one Have Please
  2. wii360boy
    The Same thing happend to me! Someone plz help me im trying to get my homebrew channel back and everything! plz help.
  3. narse1979
    follow the 4.3 modding guide its the only way at the moment - Look in the tutorial section
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