Wii 4.3u and Source Report Help

  1. Howler
    This is where I got my sources and some other stuff. [Just a report of findings that I want to share.]

    The fact that the hacks do not work is because a new IOS has to be installed meaning no vulnerable IOS and that was my stupid scenario and the boot CDs cannot be read and will bring up an unknown error reading the discs sometimes.

    I heard to download to the Wii directly, MIME formats and something else accepted in order not to get that OCT stream error and torrent client error go away. I forget how to fix it and it is beyond me.

    Look up 100% working SD or SDHC card. It may bring up current stuff or this site... Mainly that is to say this is the main communication site apparently.

    Type in DOL, MIME, OCT STREAM ERROR, META, BIN, DAT, WAD, IOS, Firmware, Nintendo Boot CD, Nintendo IOS, etc.

    (If these do not work try limiting the search.)
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