Wii Friend code Club

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  1. miniguy101046
    Add me my wii console number is 2062 6780 5597 6643.
  2. niwakun
    hi my wii code is 2062772545175123 add me plz
  3. byron
    watup. my wii code is 5384 9764 5647 4170. im gonna add u niwakun and ralsengan. i would have added u spumoni5 but u have brawl friend code up instead of ur wii code. im looking for both wii friends and brawl friends
  4. byron
    Oh and i would have added smasher but he doesnt show his fc nor his wii#
  5. byron
    last comment to niwakun and ralsengan, if yall dont add me in 3 days u will be erased off of my address book
  6. niwakun
    i added miniguy ralsengan josrodr byson urs wont go though i'll try again
  7. Ralsengan
    hi once again my friend code is.... 2350 8776 4283 3682.. please everyone let me know when they've added me..
  8. noxeon
    hey everyone, my friend code is: 6088 - 5797 - 7729 - 0149
    pm me if you add me...
  9. all4u2wonder
    ok I am sure I will get picked on for this but how do I find my friend code for 1 and 3 how do I add friends?
  10. mjnbrn
    Hello, my friend code is 2482 0456 4203 4101
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