4.3 update

  1. rainbowprof
    Hi. I would love a bit of advice.

    I have a hard modded wii. Until a week ago I had soft-mod as well, but 4.3 update killed that nicely.

    I used wiiflow to load usb hdd with FAT32/wbfs partitions. Now that the soft mod doesn't work, do I have to use the Indiana Jones/ Yu-gi-oh exploits? Someone else suggested:

    "You most likely need cIOS 249 and 222 to get your games working. "

    What is your opinion (and how do I do it)?
  2. rainbowprof
    I put in a back up game

    One of my wii channels is softchip r99
    when I click it it says:

    Wii softchip v0.0.1-pre

    (+) IOS 35 (Rev 3608) loaded

    loading game
    loctl error (DI_readID)

    The hard mod should do something. How can I get it functional?
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