Not a lot of posts in this group.

  1. Trotter_rettorT
    Hey, guys. Saw there wasn't much going on in here, so I figured I'd say hello. Maybe try and get some conversation going.

    Anyone have any favorite games for Wii?
    Or any games you thought you'd like but ended up hating--or vice versa?
  2. wiimaster4eva
    Hey Trotter, my fave game has to be Resident Evil 4, I have completed it 20 times so far and still play it. I have a mega save for it, whihc I put together using my previous saves and use ocarina codes to make it a bit better. It's for PAL though.
  3. irongeist
    Hmm favorite... i guess mine would be Smash Bros Brawl, even though i suck at it lol. But i do enjoy Mario Galaxy and Wii Sports. Also into Phoenix Wright... played it late last night and boy was i hooked lol.
  4. firedrake
    I like wii sport's and Animal crossing:city folk's on my wii..But I also like trying different homebrew apps and emulator's.
  5. schitzo30
    My family really likes Boom Blox bash's one of those games that makes the wii special.....Mariokart is a ton of multiplayer fun too!....oh....if you're only going to get one wiiware title, GET WORLD OF GOO!
  6. Cile
    new super marios bros i can play it day and night finished it twice love that game
  7. lolawes
    I would agree with the last 2 posts, I love world of goo and NSMBW but my favorite would have to be... SUPER MARIO GALAXY but it wont work on my wii for some reason
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