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  1. coreylad
    a little piece of info for you guys i actually got mario kart wii working with gamma loader working online [WFC] youtube link here : enjoy watching it lol
  2. polyporter
    hey corey i just recently started trying to download and play burned games on the wii.
    I followed the instructions on the twilight trick, the homebrew channel, and the backup loader gamma.

    out of three games downloaded so far I've only got one to play with NTSC forced- 30 great family games, which sucked by the way.
    the two that failed were Wii music and Need for speed undercover, both PAL. I live in the USA but i was wondering if you know of Working torrents if thats the issue.

    I just picked the ones that had the largest seeds and responses

    I really hope you can help because its a pain to wait for a game to download then to find out it doesn't work

  3. coreylad
    wii music worked fine for me Firmware ver 3.2E of you have issues it could be a cIOS issue make sure you installed the cIOS installer with gamma backup loader if you have and are still having issues try installing the error #002 fix cIOS files else try this
    use IOS downgrader v1.1(google) then reinstall cIOS installer (MAKE SURE ITS THE GAMMA VERSION) and then the 002 fix files if that dont help just reply again and i will route for a cure
  4. 4nti7hesis
    My Homebrew browser disappeared how do i get it back? I have beta v.9 Homebrew
  5. mrpspfreak
    Don't you need Gecko OS to play PAL games? Or maybe that's NTSC games, which in that case, I have no clue.
  6. alikara
    Is there an explanation how to soft mod my wii ?
  7. polyporter
    alikara, here's the guide I used to get the necessary files and such to start softmodding your wii, granted I have only started doing this but i've had 9 games work out of 11 so far (i still can't get wii music and need for speed undercover to work) also try searching because there is a lot of reference in wiihacks for how this stuff works, and if all else fails ask coreylad
  8. polyporter
    mrpspfreak, when you have the backup launcher it allows you to force NTSC so pal games work on US systems, so far all my games have been PAL just because they have the highest seed count

    if you want to try just download/burn a PAL game, launch backup launcher gamma, configure options-> force NTSC, then return to backup launcher main page and launch game.
  9. polyporter
    coreylad, i've done what you said and still no luck, here is a list of all I have downloaded/installed and done so far:

    backup launcher 0.3 gamma
    cIOS downgrader
    WAD Manager 1.3
    DVD Dumper (which i haven't used)

    these are the current wad's i have installed:

    IOS36-64-v1042.wad (for the cIOS36rev7 install)
    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma JAP.wad
    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma NTSC.wad
    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma PAL.wad
    Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma RegionFrii.wad

    i used the downgrader to make my system firmware 3.2E like yours and reinstalled the cIOS installer and the fixes but no luck

    at this point I don't really care too much because I've gotten 9 others to work but maybe you know what I might have missing. oh and mario party didn't work either but is might have something to do with the backup launcher because with NTSC forced it's a green screen but with it off it has that messed up movie look and its in black and white so its probably fixable.
  10. bruhja
    With backuploader Gamma i have thrown mario kard[NTSC], Starwars force unleashed[NTSC], Mario & sonic at the olympics[NTSC], Call of Duty World at War[NTSC], and Driver Parallel Lines[PAL](forcing ntsc through backup loader)

    All have worked fine. Also there is a compatability list for games tested and what issues they have if any. woul just need to do a google of backup launcher gamma compatability list.
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