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  1. coreylad
    gamma loader is a bit of a pain to install but it worked right off for me but the ammount of crap i downloaded and put on i cant remember what i did
  2. [SaGA]
    Hello guys, i'm fairly new to Wii scene, I have 3.2u with starfall, gamma 002 fix and a ton of isos. Just installed new softmii 2.11 and everything is working great, gamma channel also works along with it.
  3. coreylad
    im glad to hear that anyway im back into my wii now and WAW so much has changed
  4. g666
    im having troubles upgrading me wii so i can play mario galaxy 2 my wii is twilight hack can some one help me upgrade
  5. peire
    i have a nintendo wii v4.3e bootmii as IOS i have cfg loaderv62,mighty channels,visualboy advance,nintendo,super nintendo,N64,atarii 7800,sega master system,wiisx,wiimc 1.1.1,MMM,priiloader,sys check,HBC theme,new HBC channel,bbc iplayer,internet channel,homebrew browser,homebrew games.
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