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  1. T1nmaN
    Here's a compatibility list for the Wii Loader:
  2. polyporter
    thanks, i've only had issues with 3 games (wii music, mario party, and NFS undercover) that list is more updated than the one i've been using so hopefully the fixes work
  3. leah123
    hiii people, im probably going to drive you mad by asking this question. i softmodded mywii last night. i didnt realise that the update i performed when i got it would screw the installer up for the dvdx on the HBC. i now cant obviously install the DVDx player! Is this the only way to play copies? ive tried downgrading, so im now using 3.2e but thats made no diff. Ive done the cios_fix, blah blah. basically tried eveything i thing and now im at a loss, can anyone help or have i got to wait for a workaround. sorry bout the long winded message
  4. polyporter
    leah123 do you have wii gator backup launcher gamma installed? if so you use that instead. if not there are plenty of sources on this site for installing and running backup launchers.
  5. beastman2008
    reinstale cios 36 and did u instal ticet and if u do have gamma dvdx will not work u can only have one or the uthere
  6. golfman71
    I have both gamma and dvdx and both work
  7. beastman2008
    ok what did i did rong i instaled dvdx worked and thin gamma thin dvdx stoped working
  8. beastman2008
    r u shur it works
  9. RockMan_Forte
    Hey Beastman.

    Backup Launcher Gamma doesn't need DVDx.

    READ the README (hence the name) that came with it.

    And Skeletor says hi.
  10. snoopdogg76
    cant seem to get gamma loader to work from wii menu any ideas. when i try to load it it just comes back to wii menu. did i install something wrong or am missing something
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