USB Loader Gx

  1. Yash goradia
    Yash goradia
    i wanted to find out if i can play games on my hard drive using usb loader gx without formatting. If i can can you please tell me how
  2. angelsosa
    Exactly what format IS your hdd running?
    1) Find your usb hdd in "Computer" (Vista/7), or "My Computer" (2000,NT,XP)
    2) Right-click your drive
    3) Look under File System [NTFS/FAT/FAT32/EXT2/EXT3/EXT4/etc]
    4) Post results here.
    5) Download this package: LINK!
    6) Extract the contents to your desktop, and copy>paste file FileDirCheck.bat to the ROOT of the drive you're concerned about
    - This is a program I created myself to verify file contents of a drive/folder/directory
    7) Follow the instructions included in the package, and post results back here.

    Wow... did NOT realize this post is almost 1yr old... Someone could've found this problem solved a LONG time ago...
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