want to play European disc on a U.S. purchased Wii

  1. svlgrd
    Hi group,

    I'm a complete newbie, so sorry for any stupid questions.

    I have a Wii NTSC 3.1u bought in the US and I live in Europe and want to play a legally purchased FIFA11.
    Just softmodded using the dogeggs toturial (http://www.wiihacks.com/recommended-...d-any-wii.html) - went fine. What now? The Wii still can't read the FIFA11 disc - any other tricks I can do to enable this?

    thanks, Mikael
  2. namyarb3
    Did you mod enough to be able to play from USB? If so, rip the game to your HDD, and play from there.
    Also, FIFA11 may be a troublesome game. Search the site here, and see if you can find the answers you need...Good Luck!!
  3. matt2dlg
    one thing you could try is to boot it off Neogamma and run it as PAL
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