Successful Softmods?

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  1. Lucidious
    I had success on LU34 4.2u virgin wii. took me about 3 nights to work out all my issues and now I am good to go. (would have taken 1 night if I hadn't made one little, but hard to resolve, mistake. Read the guides slowly and carefully. Double Check your work)

    Who else has finished with success? What wii/system menu? How long were you working on it?
  2. schitzo30
    I started with a spankin new 4.1u lu70something wii...used Dogeggs tut......then followed Gen3sf tut on usb loading....and fished around for the rest....priiloader, neogamma, Internet channel, HB browser, tons of backups, VC, wiiware.....can't say how long it took; it's a work in constant progress......just wish the wii had more memory.......I can play almost any game [whether NTSC or PAL], except a couple of games that everyone has probs with (like WSR and no more heros)....I still call it a %100 sucess!!
  3. 3000iso
    i have softmodded 5 wiis. 1 is mine which is 4.0E and .wad files couldnt install. so i trecha bug restored it and now i am playing backups on it. another 2 wiis were 3.4E and i softmodded them to play backups.
    And i have also softmodded a 4.2E which wads wouldnt install so i found an alternative method to softmod it to play backups. I am pretty proud of my myself .
  4. Soapyjoe
    I've done about 12 wii's so far softmodding for people I know and I've only had one returned which his 'kids' updated to 4.2. A couple hours later got it unstubbed and then blocked updates on his wii so it couldn't happen again. Generally it all goes well apart from having small issues once in a while. Developed a full install sd card which doesn't require online access to make my life easier. Takes about 30 minutes with that card to softmod and update to 4.1 with bootmii, priiloader and booting straight into gxloader.
  5. emuhack
    I have Modded a Original 3.2U and now im on a 4.1U

    I load via USB and Load my GC via DISC's......

    Took me 2Nights to Finish and im constantly updating and trying new things....

    - -
  6. Cile
    Started with 3.2 now 4.1E
    Load with Usb GX ---Dont see the point of discs except for GC Games
    Took About 2 Hours to softmode the actual reading day or two
    My wii was the only one i modded that was firmware below 4.2 so far i am up to 7..... funny thing cant charge family lol ......(love shadows guide 25min tops)
  7. vip3rousmango
    Successfully modded 3 Wii all 4.2U and one was a blue/black DevWii.
    Turns out they were older (3.x) Wii's that were updated so all 3 play backup dvd-r no problem which is nice I'm not a fan of USB. I like NeoGamma
    Shadows guide is awesome as well. My 4Gb SD card can handle pretty much any 4.2 Wii now, no more need for internet.
    I have had problems with Wad Manager 1.5 in the past, it freezes on loading thru Homebrew channel, anyone else get this?
  8. soldrapidmike
    Successfully modded 2 wii's one was a LU 71 so there was no boot 2, i couldent install bootmii. so i used SNEEK V2 now i can load 2 wii's on one so i hacked the first one and copied the nand and used it to emulate wii system menu on the unsoftmodable wii. SUCCESS. I can accsess the 1st wii by opening hombrew and pressing the home button and clicking on load Bootmii.
  9. Big Rabbit
    Big Rabbit
    It was the HD SD card that was the problem for me.
  10. scrumbleyj
    I've successfully modded many Wii's, the newest being and LU72 (i think) and the oldest being an LU10 (jeez, talk about launch model).
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