Successful Softmods?

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  1. Soapyjoe

    The issue with wad manager and certain cios versions is they use ios37 by default rather than 38 which wad manager doesn't like. There is an alternative in yawmm which gets over these issues.
  2. blazinjointz
    Modded my 1st Wii (4.2U) today. Added 1tb Hdd and Netflix n every thing works! What's amazingly is that it only took about 45 mins!. Thanks 2 the Wii community 4 making it all possible.
  3. MWisBest
    I've successfully modded my Wii, I got it for Christmas (it's an LU71 but it plays DVDs fine), updated it before I even knew about hacking (to 4.2U of course), and I've modded it with Messie's guide, and added quite a few things, then I wanted to make my own 4.2 hacking video so I followed a guide by omgmaserati to virginize it, and then hacked it again w/ Hackmii v0.6, DOP-Mii v12, cIOS38rev14 (as rev14 works for all my games and I don't feel like changing to something that might not work), Hermes cIOS v5 (202, 222, 223, 224), cIOSCORP v3.6, USBLoader GX Forwarder, and I have a ton of homebrew apps downloaded w/ Homebrew Browser (probably the best homebrew app there is). Video should be on YouTube in the next couple of days!
  4. alkataz
    I have modded 3 wiis, 1 of which is mine. The other two use backup discs. However, mine runs almost everything from the USB Hard Drive. I don't run WiiWare/VC from it yet, but that i because I am too lazy to take the time to set it up TriiForce. But with the speed that my wad collection is growning I may be forced to take the plunge sometime in the near future.

    I currently running on system menu 4.1U with BootMii installed to boot2 along side Priiloader v0.4. I am using CIOS rev 17, hermes 222 v4 althought I updated CIOS 202 using Hermes v5 because of the speed improvement when using MPlayer CE. I use CFG Usb Loader (because the rips are reliable) and WiiFlow (because it looks amazing) for my games, although I still have NeoGamma 8 installed to run those unruly games that refuse to work on USB Loaders.
  5. abdeir
    I've modded 2 wiis. One virgin 4.2u and the other 4.1u previously chip modded. First one boot mii as ios and priiloader second one bootmii as boot2. Both have usb loader and neogamma.
  6. stmcmurray76
    I too have modded a 4.2u wii with messies guide and after all the research and reading i have done about people not being able to play certain game or having other issue, i have had none. I still have rev14(not17) with no probs. I also had a large wad list growing so i installed triiforce which was cool but the interface was pretty lame so i converted my wads to isos and play all( about 300wiiware/vc/wiidisc backups) thru usbloader. Once the initial setup is done, its just maitnence, BTW, what a great forum!!
  7. Shadowzora
    4 so far....

    the first one was mine (obvious) , system 4.2u I softmoded and downgraded to 4.1u

    The 2nd one I did was a re-furbished 4.1u my Dad picked up (re-furbished with d3-2 drive LMAO)

    the last 2 were systems were, 4.3u. One of which was just bought in Dec. brand new Black Wii. (not even Opened before I Moded it) and the other was a old white model just up to date.

    Mine was the only one that could install Bootmii as boot2,

    all have: Prilloader v0.4, Hermes 222 v4
    all running: Wiiflow v2.2 r304 IOS 222, FCE Ultra GX 3.2.3, GenesisPlus GX 1.4.1, Snes9x GX 4.2.5, Vba GX 2.2.2 with channels to access them all
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