Light gun games

  1. fredrogers
    Well I have house of the dead overkill, and I have duck hunt working.

    What other light gun style games do you like and recommend?

  2. brougham
    Well make sure you pick up the House of the Dead II and III disk. Always classic!

    Also don't miss Ghost Squad. If you played Confidential Mission for the Dreamcast (sigh), then you'll love this one.

    Oh, and the awful Target Terror. If you played the old Area51, you'll um... love this. This game is SO bad, its actually good...well... almost. But worth the DL.
  3. SmuffTheMagicDragon
    Thanks for the tip - never heard of "Target Terror".

    Also can highly recommend Ghost Squad - good use of levelling up to award different weapons and multiple routes go some way to extending the replay value of the game. Definitely worth having, even if only for a quick 15min fling every now and then
  4. Zephon
  5. Zephon
    Double post
  6. brougham
    Oh yes, definitely check out RE: UC. That one is quite the gem for us in the North America Region. They have been releasing these in Japan for ages, now with the Wii its finally here!
  7. fredrogers
    Nice, I will have to check out Target Terror and Ghost squad.

  8. brougham
    I am hoping once Sega realizes that the Wii is a cash cow for their old lightgun games, they will just start re-producing them like gangbusters. I want VirtuaCOP and TimeCrisis!
  9. TheDarkPenguin
    I got duck hunt, the Doom port, and the Quake port. :P
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