House of the Dead : OverKill

  1. brougham
    This is the most Recent shooter in the House of the Dead Series and the latest Shooter for the Wii!

    It is excellently done and executed, but definitely not for the kiddies! Lots of B Movie goodness. Gore, Expletives and Hot Chicks!
  2. fredrogers
    I have played though the fist level. It really earns that M rating.

    The only problem I am having is the darkness of the game. Some areas are so dark you can't even see what is going on.

    Is it just me or others?

  3. brougham
    Yes, the game is VERY dark. My blacks on my TV are quite good, so I don't have much trouble seeing. When I took it to a friends house. It became very apparent that we needed to change the levels on his TV just to play.
  4. oPkn
    This game is well worth finishing for the directors cut and being able to duel wield your guns. 2 hand cannons are my favourite at the moment.
  5. brougham
    Has anyone played with the guns that are packed in with the European and Australian version of the game?
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