Handgun Vs. Tommy Gun Style

  1. brougham
    I know that I have had this topic come up before but would like make it official! What is your opinion on which style you like for the Wii the best.

    Does it depend on what game?

    Which style of hardware do you prefer?
  2. fredrogers
    I like the nyko perfect shot the I just bought. It feels like pistol you might find in an arcade.

    I works great for duck hunt and HOD over kill.

    I wish there where even more light gun games for the wii.

  3. brougham
    Yes, I have the Nyko Perfect shot as well. Its the best I have found so far. If anyone has any others let us know!
  4. SmuffTheMagicDragon
    I have the HandCannon from HOTD:OK. Fantastically made "piece"; quite heavy after prolonged gameplay but really enhaces the games - so much better than using the standard wiimotes, and a thousand times better than that god-awful zapper
  5. brougham
    Hey Smuff have you used any other handgun accessories? How does this one compare? Did you buy it in North America? or overseas?
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