Anything in the pipeline?

  1. BoroVC
    Are there any good RPGs coming out for the Wii? I really want a proper Final Fantasy but that's not going to happen I guess.
    Since Sega is Nintendo's new best friend, maybe they will bring out a new Shining Force game for the Wii. That would be sweet but if anything it would probably be Jap only.

    Anything out there worth playing now? I've got Tales of Symphonia but i'm not feeling the fighting system much.
  2. Amor
    you know scinse squer soft became squer enix it started giving not as good game as ff7 ff8 ff9 or chrono trriger
    all they do is remakes ]=
  3. Sunny87
    Hi there
    I too would like to see a turn based FF game on the Wii some nice 480p back drops proper story line I'm not a fan of the CC games really, I like the idea of the multi player though would be nice to be able to play a solid story line on the Wii I'll keep to Zelda for the moment!
  4. kyle28
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers
    Has just come out on the wii. looks like a good game.
    Have a look at it guys.
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