PSP Hacking & Homebrewing

  1. caspur
    What's up I have a hacked and Homebrewed PSP(Phat):
    CFW 5.00 M33_3
    8GB Sony memory stick
    Emulators for everything
    Currently tried 5.02 GEN-a CFW it was really cool gave me alot of options including the option to turn your battery into a pandora's battery right at the recovery menu and the option to hide your MAC address pretty sweet but, didn't support to many themes so I converted back
  2. smasher164
    i donwngraded a psp from 3.9 firmware. And i put a few emulators and roms on it. Does that count as hacking it?
  3. caspur
    sure does \
  4. abdeir
    PSP 3000 fw 6.20 currently using patapon demo exploit.
    PSP 1000 cfw latest m33 .
  5. Shadowzora
    PSP model 2001
    Motherboard TA-085 ( before Sony change it to v2, I can still soft flash Pandora Batteries)
    CFW 5.50 Prome-3
    Emulators for Msx to n64 ( <<even though it's still slow)

    I've been happy with CFW 5.50 Prome-3, It's basically the update version of the 5.50 gen D CFW. It's supported every theme I've put on it so far and haven't had any game load Issues yet. The menu gives the option for the Pandora make also. Check it out you might like it also.
  6. peire
    i have a psp 1004 5.00m33-6 i downgraded it from 6.31 useing a pandora battery works like a charm i have a 8gb memmorystick loads of themes and homebrew
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