Pokemon Freaks

  1. VENOM
    Yeah talk about any pokemon thing you want
  2. naruto
    pokenom rules join pweazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. microraptor23
    I loooooooooove poooookeeeeemooooon!!!!!
  4. RockMan_Forte
    Word, I've been playin' Pokemon for 11 years now.

    Yikes! o_0 I just realized that.
  5. VENOM
    11 i been playing for, since pokemon cards & pokemon trading card game on gameboy so Like Forever Pokemon Is No#1 Sad that they changed the voices of Ash Jenny Brock Nurse joy Everyone =-(
  6. SwordMaster
    Yea, I think Pokemon is awesome. I liked the card playing but I think the hand held games are better like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on Wi-Fi!!!
  7. ricanwii
    yea my and my daughter love pokemon we play the game even the custom ones and have lot of fun doing custom sprites of pokemon
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