Cebu, Philippines - Wii Newbie!

  1. drhookster
    I Joined WiiHacks, to learn more about doing SoftMod Hacks to my recently bought Wiis USa V3.2 that had ChipMod, by previous owner. I had no details on the Chip used, or how to create back-ups or get the back-up DVD's to load. Perhaps there is hardware issue, as my friend can get his Back-up DVD's to work?

    Anyway I decided to forget about loading from DVD and use USB HDD to launch Back-up Wii Games.

    I am also interested in getting Wii Linux working?

    In the meantime I have installed BootMii, via Boot2 and the Homebew Channel, following excellent tutorials on this Forum, and elsewhere.

    I now have V4.1 features such as SDHC capability and USB Keyboard.

    My sister-in-law is in Hong Kong and intend to have her send me some Wii stuff in Balikbayan Box.
    HK1488 is price for Wii Console there (Php8,500). You can only buy previously owned Wii for that price here!
  2. drhookster
    I am NOT a Pinnoy, but married to one! Have been living in Cebu for 9 Years now.

    Only had a Wii for 3 weeks however - bought it, to encourage me to get more daily exercise, and log my weight and results.

    Bit shocked at the price of Wii here in Cebu, Philippines - best price I have seen is Php11,500 for Wii Console, and Php4,750 for Wii Fit with Balance Board.

    I am concerned about 'overheating' problem with my Wii - anyone else experiance this where temperature where 'normal; room temperature without A/C is 30 Deg C?.

    Somwhere I read that if the Wii 24/7 Channel is activated, the Wii goes into Standby when not being use, rather than turning off, so CPU and WiFi still operational, drawing poer and creating HEAT. I also read that in Stanby the FAN is not running, so this could be why my Wii was overheating.

    Need to confirm this and do Mod to keep FAN on, See if SoftMod keeps FAN working in standby, or just not use Wii 24/7 (which I have now turned OFF).
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