what have you dun to your wii???

  1. the dean
    the dean
    let the group know what you have dun to make ur wii better then any one els post pics to bost and help others to pimp there wii
  2. Muzzled
    hey everyone, i used to be heavily into 360 mods and now im thinking of moving on to wii, i understand its not impressive but i recently swapped out my white Wii case for a black one which i paid just 35 for on ebay.

    it is a long, boring, complicated process and there isnt much information out there to help you dissasemble the wii but the finished product is worth the hassle.

    if i ever do it again i will make a proper tutorial as the world seems to be lacking one.
  3. gappyear
    Recently i installed IOS38-64-v3610.wad before i installed it i was using a usb-loader but running my games through wii game channels.After i installed IOS38-64-v3610.wad i cant run the games through the channels it gives me the 002 error message can i delete or remove IOS38-64-v3610.wad and go back to my old 1????? plz help.
  4. Pkmn
    I havent done much yet, but in about a week i'm adding a bunch of leds in the WiiMote and nunchuck, lighting up all the buttons XP

    I'm thinking about putting a new housing on my wii (black), maybe do something with leds there... but i dont know yet =O
  5. janssenh
    my friend recently updated 4.2... now i got the homebrew channel.... but cant get the homebrew browser

    would love some help
  6. Hourani
    im still trying to figure out if 4.2 is stable yet cause i wana upgrade from 4.0
  7. irongeist
    It's safe to upgrade to 4.2 and stable.
  8. Ziut25
    I have ordered a black wode. Wont come out for another month or two but it will have more usb ports and other add-ons.

    The picture for the group. Is that a Wii and if so where did you get the box?

    P.S. While I would never choose this mod I think it's probably the most drastic mob I've ever seen. One of my buddies is a pilot for private jets and he really wants a Wii like this to keep him occupied during all the down time he has. lol The Wii Laptop! -- Engadget
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