Old School Smashers

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  1. bobbytheshat
    I've started this group in the hopes that there are still people out there that enjoy the first smash game for the N64 as much as I do, and that one day we might get the chance to play together through an Emulator on the Wii!
  2. zerosyko
    Hell yes, my favorite was Red Link

    I used to bring my N64 every day after school to my friend's apartment next door and play all the time.

    I miss the good old Saffron City Stage
  3. bobbytheshat
    I still play it at my friends house, where my 64 now resides. Unfortunately there's only 3 of us that play, and I've pretty much surpassed them, tho I still enjoy it. I want someone new to fight. I await the day it becomes available on the Wii shop channel.
  4. bobbytheshat
    Ok, so I've found out that it is already very possible to have SSB64 hacked on your wii as shown here...

    Also we have evidence of Nintendo releasing an authentic version due out this month in Japan for the VC available for 1,200 points, which strongly indicates a US release to follow. Question is, when, and will it have online multiplayer?
  5. bobbytheshat
    Well folks here are the links (choose the one for your region) to get Super Smash Bros. All you need is a WAD manager to install them.
    These links were posted in a thread along with a whole slew of others which you can view here
    My thanks to diablo2003 for the list, and peasant for his help as well.
    FYI, I've yet to test this on my Wii, but will do so as soon as I get home from work, in about 5 hours

    NTSC-U version
    PAL version
  6. zerosyko
    We need some of dat dere Wifi.
  7. bobbytheshat
    For sure... anyway tested and working! just use WAD manager to install and there ya go. My next chore will be finding a way to connect the classic 64 controller to my Wii, this classic controller crap just isn't cutting it!
  8. jqwest
    man I used to play the original every day after high school... we had 4 sticks and my bro had a broken leg so we smashed for hours nightly....then a few days ago i saw a u tube video of a person with a wad of smash and went crazy called my bro and we have been playing straight for about a week
  9. zerosyko
    Ey bobby.......

    HERE'S what yuo have to do....

    Yeah. I'd wait for a simple solution.
  10. bobbytheshat
    Nice work zerosyko, although I don't think there will be any N64 controller remakes produced by Nintendo any time soon, I may just break down and buy a few of those adapters, maybe over time. They're $26.99 plus $7.20 shipping comes to $34.19 for us in the US. From what I've read those adapters work pretty much perfectly for original 64 games, but when you go to play a GameCube game with it (not sure why anyone would), the L button and Z button are swapped (which apparently makes sense for certain games).

    Also I believe that photo you have is of a single individual's cable modification, I'm pretty sure that the ones you buy from raphnetshop.com (which are also done by an individual) are a bit more on the professional side, and don't have exposed wires like the one in the picture. Just so everyone's clear!
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