Old School Smashers

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  1. bobbytheshat
    Hey jqwest, what characters do you play with?
  2. RockMan_Forte
    Nice to see some guys with respect for past games that paved the way for newer versions.
  3. zerosyko
    Yeah Bobby, that was to make your own :P
  4. bobbytheshat
    So, I joined the forum http://www.smashboards.com/ under the same name as I have on here. There was a nice thread called "Player Compendium - Find Players In Your Area!" & there was a Hamachi channel you can join and it's comprised of people who play Smash64 online together! it was fun playing with someone else (they happened to be from Germany).
    So if anyone else is interested in joining, just download the free version of Hamachi from here
    and join the network: SWFSmash64 the password is: SmashWorldForums
    you do have to have the project64k emulator found here http://pj64k.emulation64.com/files/Project64k_0_13.zip
    and you also need a file called Kailleraclient.dll I can't remember the link from where I originally got it but if you interested PM me and I can send it to you, and tell you what to do with it. Let me know if any of you join
  5. bobbytheshat
    Also, my name on Hamachi is simply "Bobby"
  6. Banned Guy
    Banned Guy
    im playing smash 64 on wii now lol. before i got my wii i retained my n64 just to play this game. well its not as if i was going to give away my 64 anyway lol
  7. nanaya
    I would want to play anyone but unfortunately my pc crashed (its a gateway go figure) and i have to wait a couple months for a very awesome one I play used online alot with the server God's Weapon as nanaya. just don't even get me started with those insane MVC matches. Ive tried playing isai some time ago and...........(trust me you don't want to know)
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