Noob who needs softmodding help

  1. juggalettewithisseus
    I have always been one of those spoiled kids whos dad did all the hacking for her. Dad moved away and we don't speak any more and I need help softmodding my wii. I already tried a modchip but I got the wrong one and with no return policy I'm a bit stuck. I just learned about this soft modding with the USB Loader but I still don't understand it. Can some one break it down for me PHULEEZ. When I say break it down I mean so a child can figure it out. I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Trotter_rettorT
    I don't know what system menu you have, but if it's 4.2, here's an easy guide to follow. Just make sure you have an SD card.
  3. firequeen
    hello, I am in the same boat as you. I have never hacked into a Wii and still very nobbie in here. In fact how on earth do I know which system I have? I'm sure this is a oh duh question but I am big time noob and don't even know where to start. thanks and hopefull you and I can get some help together on this.
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