CIOS help wtf (what the fail!)

  1. idget
    How can I use CIOS? I need Help!!!
  2. Cressida
    Try reading the Tutorial Section/Searching using Search forums box.
    This will start you off.
  3. Banned Guy
    Banned Guy
    well this is a bit silly. you post a help thingy in a social club(no one uses them anymore btw) which is about hacking noobs who want to fit in. to join this club you would have to be a noob to hacking trying to fit in, and therefore not know how to use cios.

    listen to cressida.
  4. ebuks97
    i NEED HELP!!!

    I Banner bricked my wii installing a neogamma r2r4 wad file. I use firmware 4.0u. Savemiifrii works for me but i do not have a modchip or bootmii or preloader or any other recovery. I have cios rev 13 installed. Will autoboot disks work for me and if so how do i make one

    ANy help appreciated
  5. TMElmo
    oh I luv being a noob ... cuz I can ask stupid questions such as "what is banner brick?" I know about bannerbomb, cuz it solved my foolish upgrade mistake! (went from 3.2 to 4.1 )

    now I have to google banner brick cuz I'm curious ...

    but I recommend Dogeggs tutorial ... it worked for me.
  6. TMElmo
    Hey this might help ... banner brick troubleshooter
    SaveMii - Wii Troubleshooting
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